False Evidence Appearing Real. Thats basically the meaning of fear. How many times have you had no money in your pocket and have given in to this awe inspiring feeling of doom and gloom.

Personally this fear has gnawed at me a lot in recent times. Through it all i came to one realisation. Now correct me if i am wrong here, but all the things that we think about during times of trouble are all rooted in the past. We tend to look back with regret. "i wish i did this' or 'i should not have done that' or "i should not have married or been in the family way" e.t.c., the list is endless.

We tend not to look at the problem in a current light, 'This is going on so i need to do this" or "i need or require this so i need to do this or that to get it". It is the same with business. You cannot afford to sit by and watch everything crumble while you wallow in the past. The solution? Look at the problem and find a way to solve it, however you can.

I am not advocating for criminal solutions here but you have to do what you can, the best you can with whatever abilities you have been blessed with. There is only one way to solve problems and that is to confront them head on and find the solution necessary to overcome. We have been experiencing very tight financial circumstances in Zim and borrowing from lenders, friends and family has become the norm. That is a solution that in the long term will cause more panic and stress than is warranted.

Everyone is in business from the moment you wake up till you sleep. The diffrence is who is making a profit during the time they are operating. Use what you have to get what you want. None of us has nothing. Its just how you use your ability.    


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