Its who you know..

This is not in direct reference to anyone in particular and not meant to offend anyone so if you are there was my apology. "Its who you know", you have heard that right? People say these words to justify why some people get things easier than others. Jobs, money, cars, houses and others too numerous to mention. But my question, is it really who you know or is it how to use or utulise the opportunities that are available to you?

A young man or woman grows up in a rich or a poor environment. Does his or her circumstances determine where his or her future lies? How many examples of rags to riches or riches to rags stories have you heard? You see the problem is with the individual, not his or her surroundings. Like i always say no one has nothing. There are places like Danhiko which serve as an inspiration to me. Physically or mentally handicapped children are working hard to get an education or learn a trade despite whatever handicap they have. I have seen children who have everything right about them physically and otherwise except one major problem. Their attitude. This is the same with most people in business. Your attitude.

This brings us back to our topic. Is it really who you know or is how you know to use what you got? I think its both. The saying that no man is an island holds true in business. You need contacts for almost every facet of your business. You cannot go it alone. You need finance to start your business and if you have ever gone to a bank to ask for a loan you always are required to have a guarantor, who can vouch for you. No one knows you so you get companies, like Good Seed t/a Matav Investments to advertise your products and services. You need a reliable work force who are competent and professional to get the most out of your business and most important of all you need CUSTOMERS. You need to develop a relationship with them so they keep coming back and recommending you to their friends.

Your attitude determines your success. Dont look at others and say its who they know. Yes it is. You need to go out and get yourself connected. There are several clubs and business networking organisations like Stimulus who offer you an opportunity to meet and share ideas with like minded people. Get connected because if you are not you will suffer the fate of ignominy. IT IS WHO YOU KNOW but its also HOW YOU USE the opportunities given to you no matter your background. Its called Leverage.              

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