Frustration. Going through a whole lot of that right now. A broken promise can lead to so much carnage and negative emotions. Someone fails or continuously fails to deliver and the feelings of security you had vanishes. The confidence goes too and then the dreaded FEAR comes into play. Read about him in my earlier blog post. Its crippling. You dont know what to do. Stuck you start to panick and eventually you get desperate.

If all this does not sound familiar then good for you. Its a gift not to be feel frustrated. As an example, no offence intented. In marriages if a husband is failing to provide for his wife and children, the relationship is strained because of fear, lack of confidence in whatever form and not feeling secure. When doubt and regret start creeping in, that is about it. The relationship is done for. Funny thing is if there is genuine 100% effort from the husband and there is light at the end of the tunnel, be it flickering and then success, was the wife then justified to be frustrated with the husband?  

This is the way it is in business. You have people who depend on you and you have people you depend on. If somewhere along the line someone fails to deliver, then you get problems mostly centred around money. If you owe someone he will want his due. If you promised something to someone they want that promise to be kept.

Enough of the jibberish, the point i am trying to make here is Support yourself. Be your biggest fan. If you are confidently marching toward your goal you should keep your level of confidence in yourself and what you are doing up.

There are people who depend on you but if you doubt your ability, like a ship without a rudder you will go around drifting not knowing where the tide will take you. There will be victories and utter disasters. Once you establish yourself you will get other opportunities opening up to you that you never saw before because people are CONFIDENT in you and know you can deliver. How many times have you seen somebody who has struggled go back to that situation? What did they do next? Communicate with those who depend on you, tell them where you are going and except that you will not always get what you want in the time you want it. You should however get what you deserve. If you do something for someone who should pay they should compensate you. 

The song says "Free your mind and the rest will follow". Free your mind from frustration, believe in you and do your part and everything will fall in place. Frustration leads to desperation and when you are deperate you will do anything. Make your choice, communicate it to those that need to know and go for it. If you follow the right path the rewards will come when they are due. 


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