FEAR, a paralysing, debilitating disease that forces even the most brilliant of minds to be struck into procrastination and self doubt. The most destructive feeling in the world, FEAR, takes all your potential and makes it count for nought. You will not see your dreams come to fruition and regrets will be your stablemate for the rest of your life.

In business, decisions have to be made daily. These decision drive the vision forward and chart the course for the organisation. Capital, Environmental and Resource factors need to be assesed before coming to the startegy or plan to move ahead. If FEAR is a determinant in your thinking you will not stand a chance. You will find yourself looking at the problem as being half empty instead of being half full. People are so negative about their situations yet others prosper. Whats the difference? Some would say they are risk takers, some say they are connected, but the truth is the were not afraid to try.

If you want to start something, GO FOR IT, dont let FEAR hold you back. It is beatable and besides every problem always has a solution. You just have to be able to not be AFRAID to take on the issues. So go on, because FEAR is just False Expectations Appearing Real.     

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